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By (April 5, 2009) ()

This is a list of some social games that may be relevant (some may have already been discussed):

– The Nethernet (PMOG) – This game exists within Firefox and as a layer over the internet. It’s kinda like a mix of Shift Space and StumbleUpon. You obtain points by simply surfing the web, and you can spend your points to leave treasure, traps, or relevant links for other players on a specific website. Players can choose to be as social as they want, to either play passively or communicate with other players regarding traps for other factions, etc.

– Plundr – A game developed by area/code. Players act as pirates that pillage other ships among real world spaces. The location based game takes advantage of Google maps and a location sensing plugin.

– Animal Crossing – A game developed by Nintendo that has seen a few iterations for various Nintendo systems. One plays an animal avatar that communicates with other NPCs, other players offline, or other players online. Actions take place in real time. Offline play takes the form of leaving notes or presents for other players (ex. family members) to discover when they pick up the controller later in the day. The newest version allows simultaneous play online with voice chat. The common example is for two friends to go fishing together. It’s kinda like a simplified and cuter version of Second Life for families and non-techies.

April 5, 2009

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