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By (March 23, 2009) ()

Outside of Facebook I haven’t really experienced the Massively Interpersonal Network. I joined social networks to try to understand how they work. But their dynamics do not engage me. It doesn’t feel right.

What mostly interests me is the different social networks that have gain popularity in other countries. One of the MIN’s that I used outside of Facebook was Hi5. I joined because all my friends where using it in Mexico. What I found interesting is that you could see who was looking at your profile. This functionality was really interesting but I think it was the one that took the site to it’s death row. It created a lot of controversy within friends. Nobody wanted to look into other peoples profile.

Many of my social networks accounts I open them to be part of a group. Twitter I try to use it to engage into the conversation between different people from ITP. Deezer (a musical social network) I use it with my french friends. I tried to use MySpace to keep in touch with my American side of my family.

It all has come down to Facebook.

March 23, 2009

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