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By (March 22, 2009) ()

I am a recovering addict – sort of (not as bad as others, I suppose). I used to play World of Warcraft everyday. For hours and hours – I’d go to sleep at 5:00am thrilled that I looted a blue item. Or that I got another level. I love that noise when you get a new level! Or if theBoar got some new pet skills. And then I’d set the alarm for 7:00am – thinking of how I’d tell the story to all my web developer colleagues the next morning. I’m sure they they would have stories too – since I know that they logged off 20 minutes before I did. Thank god for coffee, right? +3 strength…

Yep, I won’t be able to play again until lunch tomorrow – we’ll probably do a Scarlet Monastery run because we can do that in under an hour. It’s a good thing that tomorrow isn’t tuesday. I hate tuesdays (it’s the day that they do server maintenance).

World of Warcraft certainly contains the six components of MIP. And since I will be presenting this week, we can talk more about it then. Bring your warcraft trials and triumphs with you…

March 22, 2009

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