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I dont really participate in networks/games that qualify as MIPS, but looking over BJ Fogg’s related genres with some of the components, I though back to the summer before I started ITP. I found myself in the south of France, during the Cannes Film Festival. Through a friend, I heard about this NYU film teacher who needed some help promoting his film. A few hours later I was talking to Barry Brown about “Last Looks“. The campaign was actually an anti-campaign. The promoters I joined had as a task to distribute fliers objecting to the projection of the film. All of this as a strategy to get attention for their opening night. The website for it is at http://www.horror-no.com/. In the end, the movie got quite a bit of press and attendance on opening night. Several radio stations and newspapers interviewed us and took the campaign against the movie seriously. A few others dont really believe anyone outside the Palais in Cannes since such publicity strategies have been tried before. All in all it was a good experience of trying to make a social phenomenon happen, face to face and not through facebook or email forwarding. Filmmaker magazine followed the story for the whole duration of the festival and published this article about it.

March 22, 2009

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