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By (February 20, 2009) ()

My non-human is a snowboard. It records the time it spends moving and standing still. It motivates me to go use it, wether it is trying to push me into going somwhere for the weekend or simply to get out of the house on that really cold day when I’m still inside at 10am and considering not going out.

It is very competitive and tells me when I’ve gotten to new personal bests. It’s voice is female and very easy going, always making me feel relaxed while still giving me a push to do better. It’s very safety-conscious and tells me everything is in it’s place before I go out of the house and also at the top of the lift. It also knows where it’s been before and keeps a history of where I’ve taken it and how much time I used it. This keeps me trying to go out most mornings so that I don’t feel like I’m carying it around for nothing or even “wasting it’s time”.

February 20, 2009

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