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By (February 9, 2009) ()

With your new Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien DIY kit, you’ll give your new bio-shifting home an instant upgrade. Let your mind wander and the very walls, windows, and floors in your home shift and move to your every whim. Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien is a spray on bioengineered alien plasma that reads the very thoughts out of your head and reconstructs itself based on your commands. Breaking down physical matter on a molecular level, Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien continually manipulates and clones itself to reform based on the inputs it receives from local sentient beings.

Let your mind wander with these example uses:

Spray Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien on any home furnishing to give your interiors that special Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien shine.

  • Chairs move where and when you need them!
  • The dog lets itself out through the wall!
  • Make your toilet serve you coffee!
  • Wish you had that new sleigh bed from Futa-Store? Now you do!

Use Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien on your clothes and go from lounge to lounging in the blink of an eye.

Put Teletransmacorarchiplasmalien on your cleaning supplies and never touch a dust rag again!

Just think of the possibilities, literally! Buy now!


February 9, 2009

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