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By (February 9, 2009) ()

I haven’t read any sci-phy not to mention any of the list. But I was fascinated by the imagination of the novels. After going through the devices/innovations in books from technovelgy 1948-1970 I loved the following characters:

A translator that works by examining the mental image of what you are trying to say.

Molecule Matrix
Storing information in individual molecules and atoms

Dr. Smile
A suitcase-sized analyst; a machine that served as a psychotherapist.

Having any device that deals with our emotions and our memories. (brain related) is really interesting for me. I like the idea of exposure and exposure of semantic symbols. Trying to learn languages I have come with many problems between signifier and signified. I believe that having a clearer communication is part of a persuasive strategy.

The body storages information but imagine you could actually treat our body as usb’s you can put your finger in a computer? What can this be used for? I imagine the Molecule Matrix being use for storage terabytes of video and audio, where you can actually go into the past of each life situation, and all the interface in your own atoms. I imagine a new touch and feel, where when you are touching somebody you are trespassing information. New secrent bacterias to traspass information.

Finally about Dr. Smile, I chose this one specifically because of my thesis, where I’m researching in methods of journaling in digital interfaces. I consider a journal as your pocket psychologist, but if you add the persuation of technology you can actually enhance people to do their own personal therapy where technology can motivate and enhance people to change habits that they wish to change.

In this same Idea I enjoy thinking that we can extract and add information artificially to our brains.

February 9, 2009

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