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By (February 8, 2009) (,)

BIOTailor – designed by Rodrigo de Benito Sanz and David Golan


[download the pdf here]

Obesity is one of today’s most neglected public health
problems, be becoming a global epidemic. Though
obesity is a complex condition, it is a risk factor in
developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease,
hypertension, stroke, and cancer. In an attempt to
increase people’s quality of life and reduce the rate of
obesity, it is important to teach how one can make healthy
choices, starting with choices in diet and nutrition. How
can healthy choices be easier to make?

Introducing BIOTailor, the garment that makes eating
healthy as easy as getting dressed in the morning!

BIOTailor is inspired by Bio-Fabric (J.G. Ballard’s Say
Goodbye to the Wind), a living cloth that constantly adapts
itself to the personality and needs of its wearer, and by the
Poison Snooper (Frank Herbert’s Dune), a device that
checks food and drink for poisons. The BIOTailor garment
adjusts its size and look to fit the wearer – no two
BIOTailors are ever the same! When it comes to meal time,
the BIOTailor will “snoop” and analyze the nutritional value
of your food.

The BIOTailor comprises an adjustable sensor that detects
nutritional values and communicates with the fabric of the
garment according to the previous settings configured by
the user.The garment is made of a sophisticated material that
receives data from the sensor and stretches, enlarges and
varies the color.

If one eats a healthy meal according to one’s personal
nutritional needs and goals, the cloth will radically
transform itself into a tailored garment or a more elegant
outfit. If you stray and make an unhealthy decision, the
garment instead will slowly shift to a less becoming rag
standing out wrinkles, body defects or fat.

The intention of BIOTailor is to help its wearer make
healthy eating decisions and reduce the rate of obesity. It
persuades the user to make the right choice by
conditioning him or her through positive and negative
feedback. Make a healthy choice and BIOTailor will make
the wearer look beautiful and elegant. Make bad choices
and it starts to make the wearer look less attractive. With
this double functionality, users will find it easier to know
what is convenient for them to eat at every moment,
modifying their nutritional behavior as they witness
immediate changes on their appearance.

February 8, 2009

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