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By (February 9, 2009) ()

Telepathic Transmitter (Telep-transmitter)
When reading this entry I immediately thought of the soon-to-be issue of ubiquitous technology and its effects with gene-splicing/genetic modifications. The decisions technologists deal with in intervening with biological discoveries or possibilities plays a constant role in society. Finding an “alien plasma” that can record memories is clearly a dramatized discovery-turned-bad.

Flexible Wall Sheet Display
A lot like some of Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report inventions, the wall sheet display obviously would (does?) have major effects on a person’s psyche in public/commercial spaces. Not knowing what is/could be a potential sensor or outbound communication device has dramatic effects on how we perceive physical objects, environments, and security/privacy.

Compulsive Subsonics
Along with the Telep-transmitter, another insidious use of a known weak-point in human behavior. This passage deals with the seemingly incurable desire to infiltrate the general public’s subconscious for profiteering. Science fiction often speaks about marketing, advertising, and its use in the future as not only a double-sided sword, but very black and white in its moral practice. This is a prime example.

February 9, 2009

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